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Free Toolbar for Internet Explorer is a great way to stay aware.
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1.0 (See all) Toolbar for Internet Explorer is a great way to stay aware. If you are anything like me, you probably constantly check the weather on-line to see how you need to get dressed, if you need to take an umbrella, etc. summarizes the information on the website and puts that data into your web browser, the application you spend most of your time on. The toolbar, which contains all that information, will become your main gate to the weather. With it, you can constantly be on top of the weather. You can configure the application to tell you the weather conditions of the place where you live. If you are in the US or Canada, Toolbar will even alert you of dangerous climatic events. You don't want to miss on a hurricane going your way. Other than that, you also get a day/night forecast and a 15-day forecast, which is extremely helpful. In short, the toolbar doesn't do anything amazing, but it will most definitely save you a lot of time and it is nice to look at.

José Fernández
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